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Head Lice are Becoming Immune to Common Treatments – Now What?

You’ve probably seen the news, a new study at a Southern Illinois University shows lice in 25 states, including Virginia and North Carolina, are becoming immune to over-the-counter treatments.

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So now what? Don’t panic, there are solutions. First things first, read about how to get rid of lice in your home during a lice outbreak. It’s not necessary to turn everything upside down and bag everything so it looks like your moving. We want to concentrate on the head and not the home when we are dealing with head lice. They are “head” lice after all and that’s really the only place they want to be. Lice need to eat 4-5 times a day (and yes, they do eat our blood..ewww I know)

Ok, so now what. Well, we have to deal with the bugs and the nits on the head. Let’s start with getting the proper tools. You MUST have a professional lice comb in your “kid arsenal” its imperative to getting rid of lice. There are only two professional lice combs on the market, it’s the Nit Terminator and the Lice Meister. Where can I get them you ask? Here’s a list:

  • Let’s Be PALS Treatment Products (we deliver to your doorstep same or next day delivery in Hampton Roads)
  • Ulta Beauty Supply in Hampton Roads (sells the Nit Terminator)
  • Search online for either product by name. Target has the Nit Terminator online.

It’s NOT the comb that you can get in the pharmacy’s that look like this:

rid comb

Next read “How to Check for Head Lice” this will give you a list of items you will need to prepare to check the whole family (yes even Dad) for head lice. Moms contract head lice 80% of the time and it’s very important to check all family members and anyone that has been in close proximity of an infected person. So, grandparents, babysitters, etc.

So, you have a confirmed case of head lice, now what? You do have options. I’m not exactly sure why doctors are recommending that you use the OTC properly if they just announced that they don’t work? It’s important to note that many doctors are paid to endorse OTC.

You can get rid of lice with an OTC, the OTC will kill a certain percentage of some live bugs. So you’ve begun the battle, but are hardly close to winning the war with this option. If you choose to use an OTC, let’s consider them our front men in the battle against lice. You will need to comb daily with your pro comb. Combing is the most effective, safest way to get rid of head lice.

What are my other options? Read about your treatment options, it gives you a list of prescriptions available and some other great information. Basically you have three options.

  • You can go it alone (armed with your pro comb or you’ll definitely lose the battle) Read about home remedies here and  natural treatment options.
  • You can call your pediatrician for a prescription (note: Sklice (Ivermectin) is the only prescription on the marketing that is an ovicidal (its suppose to kill the eggs)
  • You can call a lice treatment service. The advantages of calling on a lice treatment service are just like calling any other specialty service, a lawn service knows your lawn, a plumber can fix your pipes and a lice professional can get rid of lice because they know lice.

At Let’s Be PALS Lice Treatment we are your advocates in the fight against lice. We offer free consultations (sorry Mom, we have to limit it to about 15 minutes) and can help you win the battle. We have early morning and evening appointments and we offer a 100% Guarantee  757-769-8639