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About Our New Lice Killing Products

We offer several plans to suit your needs. We provide quality all natural products and provide you with the knowledge for follow up and future prevention.  See our low price guarantee!

How Does Our In Home Lice Removal Service Work?

  • We arrive at your home with our equipment and explain how we will eradicate your family’s head lice
  • You Choose the plan that’s right for you (see our Lice Treatment Cost for plan options)
  • We check each member of your family to determine who has lice
  • We then use all natural oils and thoroughly comb through the hair using a professional lice comb, special lights, and magnifiers
  • The next step is key: we hand pick all remaining visible nits (eggs) from the hair
  • We then go over our a follow-up treatment plan weather it’s our guarantee plan or a follow up plan you follow is up to you!

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

We have created a plan to fit anyone’s budget.  See Lice Treatment Costs  We do NOT charge per head.

We accept all major credit cards. Most Flex Spending Accounts cover lice treatment service.

About Our Repel & Defend Lice Productstea tree shampoo

A diverse hair and body collection customized to meet the needs of babies and kids of all ages, but effective enough for the whole family.

Professional-level products with the most natural and pure ingredients available: safe for the most delicate skin, worry-free for the most discerning, eco-conscious parent.

Powered with technologically advanced formulas and backed by years of experience and expertise.

Repel & Defendtea tree shampoo

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