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Lice Treatment Guarantee

Our Lice Treatment Guarantee

Let’s Be P.A.L.S stands by our Head Lice (Nit) removal service 100%. We want you to be totally satisfied with your level of service.

How do we achieve our 100% service guarantee?

Our staff are trained professionals in the complete life cycle of head lice and the necessary measures to get rid of head lice, louse and eggs

We are big on communicating and letting you understand exactly what it takes to treat you for lice. We want you to know that you are NEVER
one and done with head lice. It’s a process and we hold your hand through it and educate you along the way.

If we find nits in your hair – we are going to show them to you so you will know how to identify nits in the future. This goes for the louse-y bugs

When we leave your home all bugs and visible nits will be gone and you will no longer be contagious. We offer Head Lice Clearance Certificates
to get your children back to school & camp – just ask!

Let’s Be P.A.L.S proudly guarantees our service as long as you use our product prescribed follow up treatment plan. If after following our plan
you still find lice in the hair we will come back to your home at no charge to you.

We’ve treated thousands of Virginia Beach and Tidewater area families successfully.

Why You’re not successful in getting rid of Nits…

As you may already know a lice infestation can be persistent. If your child still has head lice and you’ve followed every recommendation out
there known to man, it could be for one or all of the following reasons:

  • Some nits were left behind
  • You’re child is still being exposed to someone with head lice
  • The lice treatment you’re using just isn’t effective

Why you should be booking with Let’s Be P.A.L.S (Pros Against Lice Service)

  • We are natives to Virginia Beach and live in the Virginia Beach area.
  • We are licensed, bonded & insured.
  • You will have the safety of knowing your family is being properly treated and best of all Lice Free Hair is the outcome
  • We have the products and professional know-how to tackle your head lice problems safely & effectively
  • You will learn our highly effective step by step follow up technique. This will arm you with the knowledge to actually keep head lice and nits away for good.
  • You will save yourself a huge amount of wasted time and anxiety attempting to trouble shoot for yourself.
  • You are in the comfort of your own home with professional care.
  • You will have piece of mind.

We have removed Head Lice & Nits from thousands of children and families in Virginia Beach and the Tidewater area.