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Ditch The Itch & Get Relief From Head Lice Today!

Is this you right now?

  • Head lice are back again and again every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Harsh head lice treatments causing tears and tantrums.
  • Strong chemicals have damaged your child’s hair and skin.
  • You are wasting hours cleaning the house and washing linens.
  • You are getting unhelpful, unsympathetic advice that isn’t working.
  • Other parents are blaming you for their children’s head lice problems.
  • Other children keep giving head lice back to your children.

We know how you feel and want you to know Lice Treatment is possible and we’ll teach you how. Call in the lice experts and get your sanity back!

Affordable Professional Lice Treatment

We can help with Head Lice, call us now or schedule your appointment today. A friendly lice technician will arrive at your house shortly to help you through this “lice thing” and give you peace of mind today. We are Registered Nurse staffed. We offer In-Shop or In- Home services.

FSA/HSA Accepted

Our professional treatments are Reimbursed By Most Insurance Plans!

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