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Doctor Approved Lice Treatment in Virginia Beach

Let’s Be PALS Lice Treatment was born in October 2012, the owner has been treating families for over a decade and improving on the 5 Step proven lice removal process that Let’s Be PALS uses to rid families of head lice. All lice technicians are trained & certified & we are Registered Nurse staffed.

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After 5 years with school aged children, we finally had our first bout with lice. Let’s be Pals made the experience manageable and stress free. Julie, the founder, and her team were amazing. Let’s be P.A.L.S demystifies lice and its eradication with calmness, practicality, and knowledgeable information. From the calm way Julie answers the phone, to the timely visit to our house, her thorough checks and sensible treatment plan, I knew we were in good hands. Julie and the Let’s be Pals lice treatment service, enabled our whole family to get back to school, work, and our usual routine by the next morning. Did I mention the treatment product is non toxic? Thank you, Julie for your expert service.

Dana Buchanan, MD MPH
Pediatrician, Internist, and, Wife and Mom.
Sentara Family Practice at Little Neck

Doctor Recommended Lice Treatment

#1 Lice Treatment Virginia Beach

#1 Lice Treatment Virginia Beach


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