We offer 30-day guaranteed services. Follow the Let’s Be PALS guidelines and you will be guaranteed from the date of the initial treatment.

We stand by our work and believe so strongly in our methods that we are proud to offer a 30-day guarantee.

Our Elite treat “one & done” service requires final intensive lice screening following the initial treatment. Please keep this appointment, without it we can’t honor our guarantee. No exceptions. Final checks are only required for the treated person(s).

Lice Removal 100%
Satisfaction 100%
24×7 Support 100%


A ll family members living under one roof must be checked & cleared or treated if necessary by Let’s Be PALS. Families with two households must have all family members & caregivers in both households checked & cleared or treated by Let’s Be PALS.

I f you find a live louse 30 days from the day you were treated, you must save what is found, if bugs are not saved a head screening fee will apply to determine if there is any evidence of head lice. No exceptions.

I f lice is found anytime during our guarantee, you will be re combed for free. There must be evidence of live lice in order for the guarantee to apply.