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The Most Magical Hair in the Land

Fairy Hair Extensions are delicate, silky, shimmering fairy hair extensions which tie onto one strand of hair. They last until that strand of hair falls out naturally. You can wash them, brush them, comb them, color them, curl them, straighten them, blow them dry, and get a haircut with them in!

Do whatever you normally do to your hair but most of all, enjoy the fairy hair! We offer a full range of fairy hair colors for a customizable look so what are you waiting for?

Choose your level of sparkle

Get 1-5 colors dependent on the number of strands you purchase to make a look all your own.

$30 / 10 minutes

10 strands 5 knots (1 color choice)

$40 / 15 minutes

16 strands 8 Knots (2 color choices)

$50 / 20 minutes

20 strands 10 Knots (3 color choices)

$70 / 30 minutes

30 strands 15 Knots (4 color choices)

Choose your colors

We offer a full range of colors for a completely customizable look!

What are you waiting for? Book your magical fairy hair session today!

You never have to track our Fairy God Mothers down! We are always conveniently located in our litte woodland community off of Virginia Beach Blvd in a comfy salon setting with entertainment and refreshments!