Yorktown Lice Treatment

PALS lice treatment center is located in Virginia Beach, but we conveniently offer mobile services too! So, if you live in Yorktown we can send a mobile unit to your home for lice treatment. If you wanted to make the drive you can come to our treatment center in Virginia Beach.

PALS offers in home cleaning services for lice if you need help. It’s a great add on when we do in home treatments. For years we’ve talked about how you don’t really need to worry to much about the home. Bagging everything for 14 days is not necessary. Live lice very rarely ever come out of our hair unless they are dying or injured. It’s only a 1% chance that you will find a louse on an inanimate object.

Lice only live for 30 days so if you’ve had lice a month or longer you will begin to see the bugs fall out of the hair. So why the cleaning service then? Lice can be very difficult on a family and people just need a little extra help sometimes. We don’t clean your home like a house cleaning service would but we inspect it and do all the prudent things we suggest you do. The linens of the infected person are removed and brought to the laundry. We spray and vacuum the mattress, we spray and vacuum the carpets, we wipe down surfaces in the bathrooms and we vacuum the carpets and couches if necessary. Then we gather all the hairbrushes and hair accessories and either soak them or put them in a plastic bag in the freezer whichever you prefer. We also use link rollers on decorative pillows or items that cannot be put in the dryer.

If you are a Yorktown resident or visiting don’t despair, their is lice treatment help just a call away!