The “Lice Scam” that Wasn’t

Dealing with Dubious Claims: The "Lice Scam" that Wasn't In the world of lice treatment, we've seen it all. From the tiniest critters [...]

Ivermectin for Head Lice

Unveiling the Buzz about Ivermectin: Tackling Head Lice with Professional Lice Combing Services The battle against head lice has been a timeless struggle, [...]

Our Locations

Best Lice Treatment Service Pals services all 7 Hampton Road cities and beyond. We offer mobile in home lice treatment along with lice [...]

What’s the Difference Between PALS & Lice Doctors

Why Choose PALS Lice Treatment Center Lice Doctors is currently the only other reputable lice treatment company in our area. We love the [...]

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