Where Can I Get the Heated Air Treatment for Lice?

If you are looking for the heated air treatment for lice you’ve come to the right place. PALS offers the revolutionary new heated air treatment by Flosonix. You might have visited Lickety Nit’s treatment center to receive this service in the past. We love Ty and were friendly foes with Lickety Nit. They have since closed up shop, but the good news is if you love the heated air it’s here at PALS.

PALS uses a non-toxic product that suffocates live bugs. Our heated air professional device then dehydrates the lice eggs. You’ll leave our treatment center lice free!

We treat children and adults with customized options that fit every budget and our services are recommended by pediatricians, school nurses and camp medical staff.

Our FloSonix medical device works heated air through the hair in a timed and specific pattern. The device dehydrates lice and their eggs. We start with a pre-treatment solution to remove live bugs and eggs. You’ll leave our treatment center lice free, with clean and dry hair so you can immediately return to normal school or work activities.

After your FloSonix treatment, we’ll give you a PALscription based on the level of infestation to apply follow up product on specified dates following your in-clinic treatment in order to qualify for our 100% guarantee. This step helps guard against reinfestation as you return to your usual environment.