Why Choose PALS Lice Treatment Center

Lice Doctors is currently the only other reputable lice treatment company in our area. We love the owners at Lice Doctors and as professional lice experts we aren't here to talk bad about another company. You can visit their website to find out more about them, but we get asked all the time what's the difference so we're going to give you some of the differences between using Lice Doctors vs. PALS

PALS Lice Treatment

  • Revolutionary NEW Heated Air Treatment

  • Salon/Treatment Center

  • Locally Trained Staff

  • Proprietary Botanical Products

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • Free Consultations

  • Lice Treatment & Prevention Products

  • Lice Screening Appointments

  • Muli Tech - Saving Time

  • Insurance Reimbursement Assistance

  • Easy Follow Up

Lice Doctors

  • In Home Lice Treatment

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At PALS we offer a comfortable salon setting with TV's, games and refreshments to entertain while receiving lice screenings or treatments. We offer in home lice treatment services too  along with house cleaning and educating services as well as camp and day care screenings. When you call PALS you'll get a friendly helpful associate right here in our local area to help you not someone in a far away city.

You can purchase our products and make appointments online. We offer the revolutionary new heated air treatment! Our Signature lice treatment is a 5 step manual removal process with a mix of botanical blends and lice killing enzymes that are great for your hair and scalp. Our products remove product build up and dander, moisturize the scalp and hair, and add an invigorating peppermint clarifier that all works together to eradicate lice safely and effectively. Your hair and scalp feel amazing after a lice treatment. We also have amazing hair fragrances and sell wet brushes in our treatment center and only.

Have you been battling with lice or know someone who has? Call on the experts at PALS and end the Lice Battle. You can make an appointment online or call for faster service.

We've treated thousands of families in Hampton Roads since 2015 and we've been treating families safely and effectively since 2004. Stop the madness and call today, you'll be so glad you did.

Not sure it's lice? We do screenings to and offer peace of mind services.