Cetaphil For Lice

We get a lot of questions about home remedies and in particular Cetaphil for the treatment of lice. We found ‘how to’ instructions all over the internet, which are similar to all the other home remedies which may or may not work that in effect try to “smother” the lice. The difference in this suggested home remedy is that it’s suggested you blow dry the hair and leave a hard shell on the hair for 8 hours to be repeated a minimum of 3 times or as necessary. This treatment process is marketing under the name Nuvo.

Note: It’s the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser suggested for the Cetaphil Lice Treatment – Not the lotion!

You can find specific instructions here: http://nuvoforheadlice.com/?page_id=9

But keep in mind you have to agree to a disclaimer that if it doesn’t work – tough luck and they aren’t responsible for anything else that might happen in relation to you putting Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser on your child’s head to dry.

Having dealt with head lice for over a decade we at Let’s Be P.A.L.S (Pros Against Lice Service) don’t agree with many instructional items on the Nuvo website so we are not advocates of this process.

If you have head lice questions please feel free to give us a call we offer free phone lice consultations.