Getting rid of lice is a process.

As soon as you accept that there is no overnight quick cure for the treatment of head lice things will begin to get easier for you. First things first, be sure NOT to go crazy over the house bagging everything and doing endless amounts of laundry. Read our Head Lice Myths before you do anything.

We know, the internet says and your best friend that just went through it says, we know but this information is very outdated – trust us we’ve been dealing with head lice for a decade, the bugs live on our heads and not in our homes. Contrary to popular belief it’s rare to catch lice from a hat or a comb (although soaking brushes in hot water-not boiling is recommended as light clean up). So the motto is “Concentrate on the Head and NOT the home” that’s right, you’ve got some work to do after the main treatment, light combing with a professional nit comb is a must in the treatment and early detection and prevention of head lice.

You have treatment options when it comes to getting rid of head lice. There are natural treatmentshome remedies and professional treatment options. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm, get the right tools (magnification, good lighting, the right comb, use whatever process you choose) and remember to concentrate on the head and not the home.

Remember we want to remove all the nits from the head so daily combing is required to be successful!