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Virginia Beach Parents Learn How To Check For Head Lice

How To Check For Head Lice

Here’s How to Check for Head Lice

What you’ll need:

  • A wide toothed comb (for detangling)
  • A metal Comb, we suggest a professional grade comb that can be purchased online (and delivered to your doorstep same day in most cases if you reside in Virginia Beach) or shipped NDA. If a professional lice comb is not an option you can use the metal combs sold at the local drug store but don’t use the plastic combs that come in the OTC lice kits.
  • Great Light (Sunlight is the best). You can use a desk lamp or anything that puts more light on the situation.
  • Water or a professional Nit Dissolving Solution or Mousse (50/50 Vinegar & Water may also be used if you can’t purchase a professional solution).
  • Paper Towels

Here’s what to do:

How To Check For Head Lice

  • Detangle the hair with a brush or wide toothed comb.
  • Wet the hair with the nit glue dissolver.
  • Begin combing with your professional nit comb from the front of the hair all the way through to the bottom wiping your comb off on each side into a piece of a damp paper towel.
  • Do this for the whole head in 1 1/2 inch sections (kind of like carpet cleaning, you know how you over lap the last strip cleaned just a little bit). Wiping the comb with every swipe. If you child has extremely thick hair you can do a horizontal split from ear to ear and clip the top half of the hair up while you work on the bottom half and then release the top half and begin combing the entire head from front to back.

If your child has head lice you will see either lice or nits on the paper towel.

Here’s what lice & nits will look like:

What Do Nits Look Like?


If you live in Virginia Beach or the surrounding area and are dealing with a head lice infestation call on the experts at Let’s Be PALS and get rid of lice today!

Virginia Beach Public Schools Head Lice policy

Some popular Virginia Beach neighborhoods we service:

Chesapeake Beach
Kings Grant
Green Run
North End
Princess Anne
Great Neck
Shore Drive
Indian River

Does your child attend School in Virginia Beach? We’ve treated thousands of children for head lice in the Hampton Roads area attending every school in Virginia Beach not just elementary school age children.

Lice don’t discriminate, anyone can get head lice. It’s important to do a head check on all family members when lice is discovered in the house hold.

You will not be able to properly diagnose a head lice infestation just by looking at their head. Wet head checks are 70% more effective at detecting live lice than a dry head check.

We’ve treated families for head lice in most of the area Virginia Beach Schools:

Alanton Elementary
Arrowhead Elementary
Bayside Elementary
Bayside High
Bayside Middle
Birdneck Elementary
Brandon Middle
Brookwood Elementary
Centerville Elementary
Christopher Farms Elementary
College Park Elementary
Cooke Elementary
Corporate Landing Elementary
Corporate Landing Middle
Cox High
Creeds Elementary
Dey Elementary
Diamond Springs Elementary
Fairfield Elementary
First Colonial High
Glenwood Elementary
Great Neck Middle
Green Run Collegiate
Green Run Elementary
Green Run High
Hermitage Elementary
Holland Elementary
Independence Middle
Indian Lakes Elementary
Kellam High
Kemps Landing/Old Donation School
Kempsville Elementary
Kempsville High
Kempsville Meadows Elementary
Kempsville Middle
Kings Grant Elementary
Kingston Elementary
Landstown Elementary
Landstown High
Landstown Middle
Larkspur Middle
Linkhorn Park Elementary
Luxford Elementary
Lynnhaven Elementary
Lynnhaven Middle
Malibu Elementary
New Castle Elementary
Newtown Elementary
North Landing Elementary
Ocean Lakes Elementary
Ocean Lakes High
Parkway Elementary
Pembroke Elementary
Pembroke Meadows Elementary
Plaza Middle
Point O View Elementary
Princess Anne Elementary
Princess Anne High
Princess Anne Middle
Providence Elementary
Red Mill Elementary
Renaissance Academy
Rosemont Elementary
Rosemont Forest Elementary
Salem Elementary
Salem High
Salem Middle
Seatack Elementary
Shelton Park Elementary
Strawbridge Elementary
Tallwood Elementary
Tallwood High
Thalia Elementary
Thoroughgood Elementary
Three Oaks Elementary
Trantwood Elementary
Virginia Beach Middle
White Oaks Elementary
Williams Elementary
Windsor Oaks Elementary
Windsor Woods Elementary
Woodstock Elementary